Frost - Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Frost - Frequently Asked Questions, this publication from the WA DPI in collaboration with GRDC contains a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about Frost affecting cereals.

The questions answered include:

  • At what temperature does frost occur in a cereal crop?
  • Why does rain make it worse?
  • When is the crop most susceptible?
  • What does frost damage look like?
  • How do I check for frost damage?
  • Is stem frost damage as bad as flowering frost damage?
  • Do all crops respond the same to frost?
  • Why do crops with high yield potential get frosted more?
  • Do all wheat varieties respond the same under frost?
  • How do you use the frost performance values on NVT?
  • What is the soil heat bank?
  • How does stubble loads affect frost severity?
  • Does sowing direction impact frost severity and duration?
  • What is the effect of nutrition, nitrogen, potassium and copper?
  • What is meant by synchronicity of the canopy? Why does this matter?
  • Does soil amelioration reduce frost severity on light textured soils?
  • Harvesting a frosted cereal crop?
  • What management options do I have to minimise frost damage?

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