2018 Sowing Guide for South Australia

Published: 21 Nov 2017

This publication includes 2018 sowing guides for Wheat, Barley, Canola, Triticale, Beans, Lupins, Oats, Vetch, Lentils, Chickpeas and Field peas with a focus on South Australia.

Key Points

  • Almost all recently new varieties are protected by PBR and growers need to be aware of the implications.
  • Seed of varieties with PBR protection can only be bought from the owner, commercial partner/licensee or an agent (seed merchant) authorised by the owner, although “farmer to farmer trading” is allowed for some wheat varieties.
  • Once purchased, growers can maintain seed of a variety with PBR protection to satisfy their seed requirements for the following season.
  • Farmers can sell the products of a protected variety for commercial use as feed or food (e.g. deliver to Glencore,
    flour mill or sell as animal feed) unless bound by a ‘closed loop’ contract.
  • Farmers cannot sell, trade or give away the variety for seed without authorization of the owner.
  • Farmer to farmer trading of seed without authorisation of the owner will make them liable to prosecution.
  • Commercial marketing arrangements between the owners and the licensee can vary between crops and
    varieties, and farmers must be aware of the conditions of the marketing arrangements.
  • Before you take delivery of certified seed of a new variety, you are encouraged to request a copy of the
    paddock inspection report and the certificate of analysis report. It is important that you read the information
    contained in the inspection report and the seed analysis certificate to make sure you are buying the best available
  • When purchasing seed of a PBR Cultivar you should purchase it in the name or names of the entity or entities
    in which you intend to deliver. You should retain invoices to prove that you have entitlement to that seed and the
    crop produced.
  • If farmers are unsure, they should seek information from the owner, commercial partner/licensee or the selling
    agent (seed merchant).

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