2018 Oat variety guide for Western Australia

Published: 1 Dec 2017

This guide is designed to help you determine which milling oat or export hay variety to grow in your region. The guide provides variety characteristics, disease ratings, and agronomic information for oat varieties that offer growers the best opportunity to meet market requirements. This guide should be read in conjunction with industry information provided in the Grains Industry of Western Australia Oat variety and grade update.

The decision whether to grow milling oats depends on three main factors:

  1. the profitability of Oat1 and Oat2 grain production.
  2. the likelihood that grain will meet Oat1 or Oat2 receival specifications.
  3. the location of receival segregations for Oat1 and Oat2 varieties.

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Region: West

ISSN: 1833 7366 (print)

ISSN: 1833 7366 (Online)