Developing a robust irrigated mungbean cropping system

Published: 3 May 2018

Grower solutions for coastal/Hinterland QLD and NSW north coast

2018 Practice change case study

Results at a glance

  • In a single experiment planting three rows of mungbean on a furrow irrigated sugar cane bed configuration (1.52m wide, 38cm row width on top of bed) increased grain yield by 11-20% compared with the established spacing of two rows per bed (76cm row width on top of bed).
  • There was no difference in inputs between the row configurations i.e. same plant population per m2, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide and irrigation water use.
  • Growing three rows on a bed requires a soil that will infiltrate irrigation water efficiently into the centre of bed e.g. heavy clays. Cause textured soils with high silt content infiltrate to the centre of the bed slowly or not at all.

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Region: North

GRDC Project Code: DAQ00204