European Canola Market

Published: 7 Mar 2018

Understanding the European biofuel market for Australian canola

Australian canola growers sell into the European biofuel market by certifying their canola as sustainable. Research has helped maintain access to this significant market.

Key points

  • Almost half of Australia’s canola production (49 per cent) has entered the European Union (EU) biofuel market over the past five years.
  • From January 2018, canola is accepted for this market only if the biofuels made from it meet a new, higher greenhouse gas emissions savings requirement of 50 to 60 per cent, up from 35 per cent.
  • CSIRO research has helped the industry retain market access by providing evidence that biofuel made from Australian grown canola can achieve the new requirement.
  • Growers supplying this market sign a self-declaration form confirming they meet other sustainability requirements of the EU Renewable Energy Directive and are willing to be audited.
  • Growers should ensure they understand the requirements for participation in the market.
  • Growers may be audited and will require specific farm records.

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