2018 Annual report – Western region Regional Cropping Solutions Network

Published: 1 Dec 2018

This report outlines some of the local research, development and extension (RD&E) priorities identified by the grain grower, adviser and researcher members of the GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions Networks (RCSNs) that operate across the western grain-growing region of Australia.

In this report

  • Foreword
  • Executive summary
  • About the RCSN - feeding into the investment cycle
  • Coordination and facilitation of western region RCSN groups
  • RCSN operations
  • Priority issues identified by the RCSN groups for the western region in 2018

Across all the RCSN port zones, priorities identified by members in 2018 for RD&E include:

  • Soil constraints (lime incorporation, deep-ripping, post-amelioration management);
  • Very early crop establishment (emergence, heat/frost impact, weeds);
  • Disease, pest and nematode control and management (varieties, fungicide/insecticide use, row spacing, plant density);
  • Technology in agriculture (costs, replacement, engineering options);
  • Summer weed control;
  • Weed control and glyphosate resistance management;
  • Crop nutrition (micro and macronutrients);
  • Crop sequencing;
  • Frost and heat stress-risk mitigation and management;
  • Drainage options for water/erosion management;
  • Business models and decision-support tools; and
  • Stubble/residue management.

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Region: West

ISBN: 978-1-921779-80-0 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-921779-79-4 (Online)