2019 Queensland winter crop variety sowing guide

Published: 10 Jan 2019

Welcome to the first sowing guide for Queensland that combines wheat, barley and chickpea varieties. This guide draws on the input of numerous individuals in the cropping industry with the aim of providing growers with relevant information which will allow them to make informed choices when deciding on what winter crop variety to sow in their paddocks. National Variety Trials (NVT) seek to collect the most relevant varieties for each region and test them alongside the elite lines from breeding programs. For all the information on the released wheat, barley and chickpea varieties in the Queensland NVT program, visit the website www.nvtonline.com.au.

Only varieties deemed suitable for conditions experienced in Queensland have been included in this guide. If a variety is not mentioned, there is either no commercial seed available or there is concern that it may not carry robust resistances to diseases prevalent in the region and as such could compromise the industry. However, if seed of varieties not mentioned in this guide is obtained, please ensure that you are provided with current and reliable information by the vendor.

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