Insect ID: The Ute Guide

Insect ID: The Ute Guide is a comprehensive reference guide for insect pests commonly affecting broadacre crops and growers across Australia, and includes the beneficial insects that may help to control them. Photos have been provided for multiple life-cycle stages, and each insect is described in detail, with information on the crops they attack, how they can be monitored and other pests that they may be confused with. Use of this app should result in better management of pests, increased farm profitability and improved chemical usage.

As not all insects found in field crops are in this app, further advice may be required before making control or management decisions. Talk to your agronomist or the Department of Agriculture/Primary Industries for more complete information on identification, management and thresholds.

Application Features:

  • Region selection
  • Predictive search by common and scientific names
  • Compare photos of insects side by side with insects in the app
  • Identify beneficial predators and parasites of insect pests
  • Opt to download content updates in-app to ensure you’re aware of the latest pests affecting crops for each region
  • Ensure awareness of international bio-security pests