GRDC Grains Research Update Perth 2013

GRDC Grains Research Updates, Perth 2013

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Day 1

Session 1 - Varieties and Agronomy

Which variety should I grow? Getting the most out of new long-term yield analysis from NVT - Alison Kelly, DAFF QLD

Wheat 2012 NVT trials results and key agronomy issues - Kevin Young, DAFWA

Session 2 - Pest Management

Pratylenchus teres - WA's home grown Root Lesion Nematode (RLN) - Sarah Collins, DAFWA

Priorities for pest management for the 2013 crop - Svetlana Micic, DAFWA

Session 3 - Climate and Weather

Bureau of Meteorology climate forcasting - the move to POAMA modeling - Glenn Cook, BOM

Seasonal forecast update for 2013 - Fiona Evans, DAFWA

Assessment of climate change projections for WA - new tools for adaption - Ian Foster, DAFWA

Session 4 - Farm Management

A decadal assessment of farm performance: any learnings? - Ross Kingwell, AEGIC

Financing agriculture business in the 21st century - Eric Hall, Planfarm

Session 5 - Varieties and Agronomy

Malting barley varieties and their management in WA - Blackely Paynter, DAFWA

Canola 2012 NVT trial results and key agronomy issues - Michael Lamond, Agrisearch; Justin Kudnig, Pacific Seeds

Pulse profitability for 2013 - Ian Pritchard, DAFWA; Alan Meldrum, Pulse Australia

Session 6 - Weed Management

Current levels of herbicide resistance in wild radish in the WA grain belt - Mechelle Owen, AHRI

Control weeds in your fencelines and stop herbicide resistance spread - Sally Peltzer, DAFWA

Compete with weeds - give your crop heaven and your weeds hell - Peter Newman, DAFWA

Focus Paddocks - remaining weeds are hard to control - Peter Newman, DAFWA

Session 7 - Plant Nutrition

Use soil testing to informing change from phosphorus build up to maintenance for more profits - Mike Wong, CSIRO

Crop rotation and liming history affect the availability of soil phosphorus - Craig Scanlan, DAFWA

Is it worth sub-soil testing for nitrogen? - Yvette Oliver, CSIRO

Session 8 - Supply Chain

Future European demand for oilseeds - Philippe Dusser, PROLEA, France

Wheat quality and market opportiunities for WA - Cindy Mills, Wheat Quality Australia

Global Barley marketing issues - John Stuart, Graincorp

Session 9 - Extension

Adoption trends in the Liebe area and what it means for the industry - Nadine Hollamby, Liebe Group; Rob Sands, Farmanco

Session 10 - Frost Management

Update on frost pre-breeding research - Ben Biddulph, DAFWA

Managing for frost - Steve Curtin, ConsultAg

Session 11 - Cropping Systems

Maximizing canola gross returns through variety choice and optimization of plant populations in lower rainfall regions across Australia - Justin Kudnig, Pacific Seeds

Session 12 - Supply Chain

Grain Supply Chain issues for WA grain - Colin Tutt, CBH Group

Day 2

Session 13 - Soil Management

Effective soil acidity management requires knowledge at the farm, state and national scale - Chris Gazey, DAFWA

Yield, soil water economic benefits of long fallow - Yvette Oliver - CSIRO; Rob Sands, Farmanco

Session 14 - Weed Management

Understanding and managing proposed different development stages of herbicide resistance in wild radish - Bill Campbell, Nufarm

Cross-resistance between pyroxasulfone (Sakura), S-metolachlor, prosulfocarb (Boxer Gold), Triallate (Avadex), propyzamide and trifluralin in ryegrass. Is there any option for management? - Roberto Busi, AHRI

Session 15 - Cropping Systems

Grazing crops in a dry year - Phillip Barrett-Lennard, AgVivo

The effect of crop rotations and residue level on wheat yield and gross margins - Ken Flower, WANTFA/UWA

Session 16 - New Products and Services

PGR in cereals and Moddus Evo - Brian Staines, Syngenta

New Barley Variety Identification test - Rob Harborne, Grain Growers Limited

Canola Breeders TT and RR dual herbicide tolerant hybrid Canola for management of herbicide tolerant - Wallace Cowling, Canola Breeders

Pre-harvest weed control in Canola with Roundup Attach - Matt Smith, Nufarm

Session 17 - Soil Management - Water Repellence

Managing nutrition on soil that have been treated for water repellence by cultivation - Craig Scanlan, DAFWA

Grower adoption and implementation of strategies to manage soil water repellence in farming systems - Steve Davies, DAFWA

Session 18 - Crop Management

What to do with a wet summer: Summer weeds, soil water and subsequent crop yield - Phil Ward, CSIRO

A meta-analysis of 30 years of DAFWA's field trials on fungicide management of yellow spot - septoria nodorum blotch disease complex of wheat in WA - Kawsar Salam and Geoff Thomas, DAFWA

Session 19 - Cropping Systems

Pathways to more grain farming profit by Controlled traffic Farming in WA - Glen Riethmuller, DAFWA

Adoption and management practices of dry seeding across the WA Wheatbelt - Lauren Celenza, WANTFA

Session 20 - New Products and Services

Success NEO insecticide controls Dimondback moth in Canola - Paul Downard, Dow Agroscience

Transform Insecticide (sulfoxaflor): for control of aphids in Canola in WA - Robert Annetts, Dow Agroscience

Building knowledge - markets and innovation - Ross Kingwell and Barry Cox, AEGIC