GRDC Grains Research Updates, Perth 2014

GRDC Grains Research Updates, Perth 2014

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Day 1

Session 1 - Varieties and Agronomy

2013 Long term wheat NVT results and variety comparisons - Peter Burgess, Kalyx

Choosing the right wheat variety for the system - Christine Zaicou-Kunesh, DAFWA

Session 2 - Grain Marketing

Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice - detailing a quality approach for Australian grain - Geoff Honey, Grain Trade Australia

The cost of Australia's bulk grain export supply chains - Prof. Ross Kingwell, AEGIC

Session 3 - Farm Management

Managing the downside risk of dry land farming in WA - Deane Allen, Letevo International and John Thomson, RSM Bird Cameron

Farming profitably in the Eastern Wheatbelt of WA - Greg Kirk, Planfarm

Session 4 - Cropping Systems

Plant density and seeding rate of Canola in low rainfall areas of WA - Mark Seymour, DAFWA

Long term row spacing trials and stubble retention: implications for future development of varieties - Glen Riethmuller, DAFWA

Session 5 - Varieties and Agronomy

Canola Variety Performance in the WA NVT - Matt Davey, Kalyx

Wheat variety response to dry sowing and seed depth - Bob French, DAFWA

Barley cultivators differ in their protein concentration - Blakely Paynter, DAFWA

Session 6 - Grain Marketing

Grain Marketing strategies for Growers - Nathan Cattle, Profarmer; Jerome Critch, Planfarm Marketing

The changing Australian grain market place - Ron Storey, NZX Australia

Global agriculture markets: trends, spikes and the impact of Asia - Luke Mathews, Commonwealth Bank Australia

Session 7 - Weed Management

Aim for the narrowest possible row spacing - Peter Newman, Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative

Managing staked resistant radish with herbicides - Grant Thompson, Crop Circle Consulting

Natural and environmentally friendly ways of managing weeds without herbicides - Professor Yoshiharu Fujii, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Session 8 - Plant Nutrition

Best practice nutrient management: beyond the rhetoric - Wayne Pluske, Equii

Should gravel content impact on your management decisions? - Bill Bowden, West Midlands Group

Fertiliser strategy, drones and Apps new approaches to pest management - Christian Nansen, UWA

Session 9 - Frost Management

Stubble management for the incidence and severity of frost - Rebecca Jenkinson, Living Farm

Session 10 - Grain Marketing

Keeping WA growers globally competitive - David Capper, CBH Group

Session 11 - Root Diseases

Root lesion nematode has a picnic in 2013 - Sarah Collins, DAFWA

Session 12 - Cropping Systems

The On Farm impact of GM Canola in NSW and Victoria (2008-2010) - David Hudson, SGA Solutions

Day 2

Session 13 - Soil Acidity

Understanding the yield gains from liming - 20 years of soil acidity research in WA -Chris Gazey, DAFWA and Yvette Oliver, CSIRO

Shifting investment from nutrients to lime and cultivation on acid soils: is an immediate payback possible? - Craig Scanlan, DAFWA

Session 14 - Canola Disease Management

Understanding Sclerotinia in Canola: Why was it so bad in 2013? - Ravjit Khangura, DAFWA and Craig Topham, Agrarian Management and Richard Quinlan, Planfarm

Future management options of Sclerotinia in Canola: 2014 and beyond - Rick Hornbury, Bayer Crop Science and Craig Topham, Agrarian Management

Session 15 - Non Wetting Soils

Smart No-till furrow sowing to profit from non-wetting soil - Paul Blackwell, DAFWA

Managing soil water repellence and crop nutrition of forest gravels - Derk Bakker, DAFWA

Session 16 - Food Grains

A Comprehensive Nutrient Content Database of Grains and Legumes Produced in Australia - Georgie Aley, Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council

Lupins seed to food: breaking the nexus - Clancy Michael, Lupin Foods Australia

Session 17 - Soil Acidity

Lime effects on the control of wild radish and ryegrass in low pH soils - Abul Hashem, DAFWA

Wheat varieties tolerance of soil acidity - Mohammad Amjad - DAFWA

Session 18 - Farming Systems

A deeper understanding of farm productivity - Professor Ross Kingwell, Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre

BFDC Interrogator - the next chapter - Chris Geeves, Back Paddock

Session 19 - Soil Moisture

Soil water measuring and managing - what is happening in WA - Yvette Oliver, CSIRO

Conserving and measuring soil moisture: summer weeds, probes, Prophets and EM - Frank D'Emden, Precision Agronomics

Session 20 - New Products and Services

Fertcare Accredited advisor - what is it all about and should I become one ? - Jeff Kraak - Fertilizer Australia

ProductionWise yield modelling with APSIM - Michael Pengilley, Grain Growers Limited

Out of the "cloud" and into the paddock: making mobile devices work for the practical farmer - Mic Fels, iPaddock

The important role and value of dual herbicide tolerant canola technology for WA growers in IWM strategies - Mitch Tuffley, Pacific Seeds