GRDC Grains Research Update, Perth 2015

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GRDC Grains Research Update, Perth 2015

Plenary 1

Plenary 2

Session 1 - Grain Marketing

China's Malting Barley industry - industry trends and future requirements - Dr Yang Lin, Tisingtao Brewery, China

How to achieve the least cost transport of grain in WA - Luke Fraser, Juturna Pty Ltd

Paddock to Port: Keeping WA grain attractive for international exporters - Jerome Critch, PlanFarm

Session 2 - Crop Varieties

Production Value - PLUS System: WA wheat - Peter Burgess, Kalyx

Production Value - PLUS System: WA Barley - Blakely Paynter, DAFWA

Production Value - PLUS System: WA Canola - Matt Davey, Kalyx

Session 3 - Pest, Disease & Weed management

Mapping patches of resistant weeds and snails by monitoring grain contaminants during the grain harvesting operation & using microwaves to kill weed seeds, snails, insects and diseases - John Moore, DAFWA

On farm grain storage - Ben White, GRDC Stored Grain Project

Session 4 - Soil Management

Soil Constraints - West: a GRDC initiative to develop soil management systems for the future - Bob Belford, Curtin University

Furrow formation and inter-row compaction (FFIC) for improved wheat production and profitability in water-limited environments of the Eastern Wheatbelt of WA - Callum Wesley, DAFWA

Where has all the phosphorus gone - long term effects of alternative phosphorous sources on soil fertility - Bill Bowden, West Midlands Group and Craig Scanlan, DAFWA

Session 5 - Grain Marketing

Global Grains 2015 - will we traverse from the cyclical back to the structural ? - Tobin Gorey, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Options- the grass selective herbicide of price risk management for growers  - Nathan Cattle, Profarmer

Reflections on 2014 are preparing for the 2015 harvest - David Capper, CBH Group

Session 6 - Crop Varieties

Pulse variety yields in 2014 - Alan Meldrum, Pulse Australia

End Point Royalties - a decade on - Denis McGrath, Variety Central

Session 7 - Crop Rotations

How risky is your crop rotation? - Roger Lawes, CSIRO

Crop and pastures sequences, where are we at - findings of a five year survey of 188 paddocks - Martin Harries, DAFWA

Wheat vs Barley - managing nitrogen for profitability following canola and wheat - Christine Zaicou-Kunesch

Session 8 - Disease Management

New breakthroughs in control and management fungal disease - focus on Rhizoctonia solani AG8 - Daniel Huberli, DAFWA and Trevor Kein, Syngenta

Crown Rot Session

Plant pathogen focus paddock survey findings and implications for management - Greg Shea, DAFWA

Focus paddock information highlights the emerging problem of crown rot - Roger Lawes, CSIRO

Management options for crown rot in WA - Daniel Huberli and Shahajahan Miyan, DAFWA

Day 2

Session 9 - Canola Agronomy

Wide row canola why bother ? A summery of a series of small plot and farmer trials and farmer experiences - Martin Harries, DAFWA

Timing of nitrogen for canola in lower rainfall areas in WA - can you delay applying N until your canola is flowering - Mark Seymour, DAFWA

Session 10 - Crop Stress Management

Wheat variety rankings for flowering frost - Ben Biddulph, DAFWA

Session 11 - Products and Services

Instantaneous pH probes for quick and accurate pH mapping in WA - Richard Quinlan, PlanFarm

My Grain - managing on-farm grain storage using ProductionWise - Andrew Christian, Grain Growers Limited

Export oaten hay - new opportunities for grain growers - Darren Keating, Australian Fodder

Session 12 - Soil Management

Long term effects of claying on non-wetting and plant nutrition - David Hall, DAFWA

Assessing agronomic options for managing wheat on water repellent soils - Stephen Davies and Christian Zaicou-Kunesch, DAFWA

Session 14 - Grain Productivity

Unraveling the factors involved in the development of Sclerotinia stem rot in canola, particularly in the light of making fungicide spray decisions - Ravjit Khangura, DAFWA

An international benchmarking comparison of cash crops - Ashley Herbert, Agrarian Management Consultants

Session 15 - Crop Breeding

Breeding for imidazolinone tolerant barley varieties: industry issues and concerns - David Moody, Intergrain

Tolerance to ion toxicities enhances grain yield in acid soils prone to flooding and terminal drought - Hossein Saberi, UWA

Session 16 - Products and Services

Market access opportunities and challenges for the Australian Grains Industry - Tony Russell, Grains Industry Market Access Forum

Transforming business with big data and analytics - Katrina Read, IBM

Session 17 - Soil Management

Long-term responses to soil amelioration - benefits will last more than 10 years - Stephan Davies, DAFWA

Shifting soil pH with lime requires a shift in nutrient management to maximize profit and inversion of water repellent soils - throwing nutrients, pH and lime into the mix - Craig Scanlan, DAFWA

Plenary 3

Wheat Biotechnology in Argentina - Geronimo Watson, Argentina

Innovations underpinning yield improvements in the Canadian canola industry - Dr Malcolm Morrison, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada