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Goondiwindi 3rd & 4th March 2015

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Goondiwindi 2015 Proceedings Booklet

General Plenary Sessions

Helping clients adopt and manage change: Lessons learnt from 29 years of herbicide resistance in WA (no paper)
Geoff Fosbery (ConsultAg) YouTube logo

Making good decisions great. Questions to challenge and improve decision making.
Cam Nicholson (Nicon Rural Services)

Finding more yield and profit from farming systems: Attainable yields, benchmarking yields using local WUE numbers, economics of profit draggers and drivers.
Simon Fritsch (AgriPath) YouTube logo

Social Media for ageing agronomists: Social media to speed access to and share new stuff.
Pru Cook (GRDC) YouTube logo

Soil sodicity: Chemistry; physics and amelioration. Soil structure & plant impacts.
Prof. Neal Menzies (UQ) 

Managing nutrition in sodic soils
Chris Guppy (UNE) YouTube logo

Concurrent session: Weeds

Chemistry in the spray tank to avoid reactions you don’t want! Managing PH, water volume and hardness, formulation type, tank mixes and mixing order
Rob Buttimor (Senior formulation chemist Dow AgroSciences) YouTube logo

Weed seed capture at harvest research in central NSW - experience with multiple weeds in the Central West of NSW (no paper)

Maurie Street (GOA)

NGA weeds research update: Comparing new herbicide options for problem weeds in chickpeas; Residual chemistry in crops and fallow.
Lawrie Price & Richard Daniel (NGA) YouTube logo

Concurrent session: Varietal agronomy

A new and more effective way to use and interpret variety trials to select optimum varieties (no paper)
Peter Martin (Howqua Consulting) YouTube logo

Wheat variety response to sowing time and quantifying the yield impact: Comparing strategies to select varieties with a more stable yield across sowing dates or switch to a shorter season at later dates? How big is the bet and what are the odds?
Peter Martin (Howqua Consulting) & Guy McMullen (NSW DPI) YouTube logo

Barley agronomy and variety research
Rick Graham (NSW DPI) YouTube logo

Cereal breeding directions for the Northern Region: Gene markers, technologies and new traits to add value
Haydn Kuchel (AGT)

Concurrent session: Disease

Impact of crop varieties on RLN multiplication
Brendan Burton (NGA) YouTube logo

Disease update: Stripe rust in high yield crops of Suntop and Lancer – what’s happening? Leaf rust and the Naparoo attacking pathotype (no paper).
Steve Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI) YouTube logo

Crown-rot: What’s in the breeding pipeline?
Phil Davies (Uni. Syd. PBI) YouTube logo

Crown-rot tolerance in new cereal cultivars: Is there enough to base varietal decisions on?
Rob Long (B & W Rural) YouTube logo

New crown-rot perspectives: Using Predicta-B stubble tests; sampling protocols for reliable results & applying test results to individual paddock situations
Steve Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI) YouTube logo

Concurrent session: Lodging and discussion

Irrigated wheat variety performance from 2014: understanding results from a high lodging-risk year.

Allan Peake (CSIRO) YouTube logo

Concurrent session: Pulses

Insect management research in fababean and canola
Melina Miles (DAFF Qld) YouTube logo

A new tool to test if Phytophthora s building to damaging levels in rotation: PredictaB. How damaging is Phytophthora and applied management
Sean Bithell (NSW DPI)

Chickpea, fababean and mungbean research to maximise yield
Andrew Verrell (NSW DPI) & Bec Raymond (DAFF Qld)

Ascochyta: is the pathogen changing and what are the implications for management?
Kevin Moore (NSW DPI)

Concurrent session: Soil and water

Nitrogen management in wheat
Richard Daniel (NGA) YouTube logo

A calculator to assess the economics of deep placement of P over time

Andrew Zull (DAFF Qld)

A brand new ‘you beaut’ soil water App to estimate soil water automatically: The app uses a range of inputs, including a wireless rain gauge and soil water sensors
Brett Robinson (USQ)

Lab test stats on testing for deep P on the Downs: A call to action for best practice – Only 1.4% are doing it thoroughly!
Bede O’Mara (Incitec Pivot)

Accurate and efficient measurement of soil water in dryland systems – issues and experience in replacing probes with EM38
Byron Birch (Rimanui Farms) & Andrew Smart (Precision Cropping Technologies)

Concurrent session: Summer crop

Grain sorghum: Varietal reactions to heat stress and environment – what are they and why the differences?
Scott Chapman (CSIRO)

Sorghum agronomy research update: Dryland and irrigated trials to maximise yield potential. Pulling together the variables of variety, sowing time, nutrition, row spacing and population 
Guy McMullen & Loretta Serafin (NSW DPI)

High yield irrigated sorghum research: Yield targets for happy clients! (no paper)

Trevor Philp (Pacific Seeds)

Alternate end uses and emerging markets for grain sorghum and opportunities to value add (no paper)
Ross Naidoo (DAF Qld)