Grains Research Update Perth 2016

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GRDC Grains Research Update, Perth 2016

Day 1

Plenary 2

Session 1 - Crop Varieties

Wheat National Variety Trial Results 2015 - Steven Tillbrook, Kalyx Australia

Western Australia barley update: varieties and their interaction with management - Blakely Paynter, DAFWA

Canola National Variety Trial Results 2015 - Matthew Davey, Kalyx Australia

Session 2 - Soil & Nutrition

New soil wetter and tillage approaches shine on repellent gravels and sands - Stephen Davies, DAFWA

Acid soils - is gypsum part of the solution - James Easton, CSBP

Economic analysis of the impacts and management of subsoil constraints - Dr Elizabeth Peterson, DAFWA

Session 3 - Weeds

Global snapshot of herbicide resistance and comparison with Australia - Prof. Stephen Powles, AHRI

Managing Clethodim resistant ryegrass - Assoc Prof. Christopher Preston, Uni of Adelaide

Mix and rotate herbicides - and if all else fails pull them by the hand - Peter Newman, Planfarm/AHRI

Session 4 - Grains Industry

Putting a dollar value on best practice grain selling - Nathan Cattle, NZX Profarmer

Crop Manager - making sense of data to drive cropping programs in real time - Richard Riddle and David Stead

How can plant breeding improve grower profitability - Steve Jeffries, AGT

Session 5 - Soils and Nutrition

The interaction between soil pH and phosphorus fertilizer is dynamic - Dr. Craig Scanlan, DAFWA

Where does the nitrogen go: Sources and sinks in Western Australia cropping soils? - Dr. Louise Barton, UWA

Deeper ripping and topsoil slotting for more profitable management of subsoil compaction and some other constraints; way to go ? - Dr. Paul Blackwell, DAFWA

Session 6 - Farming Systems

Oat agronomy update - achieving your yield and quality potential - Georgie Troup, DAFWA

Drought tolerance of wheat varieties - Glenn McDonald, DAFWA

Practical tips for spray operators - Bill Campbell, Farmanco

Session 7 - Diseases

Foliar fungicide strategies for managing powdery mildew on wheat - Madeline Tucker, CCDM & Ciara Beard, DAFWA

Control options for STNB across WA farming systems - Andrea Hills, DAFWA

Broad spectrum suppression of wheat and canola fungal diseases by endophytic biocontrol agents - Margaret Roper, CSIRO

Session 8 - Grain Industry

New machinery and equipment ideas from around the globe - Ben White & Josh Guimelli, Kondinin Group

Is the Ukraine a step ahead ? - Prof. Ross Kingwell, AEGIC

Viable growth in the pulse industry - Peter Wilson, CEO Australian Milling Group

Day 2

Session 9 - Farming Systems

Taking a long term view of crop rotation pays off - Roger Lawes, CSIRO

Long-term effect of rotation, residue retention and rainfall on wheat crop performance - Ken Flower, UWA

Session 10 - Farming Systems

The changing options for compaction management in the Western Australian wheatbelt - Bindi Isbister, DAFWA

Leveraging Twitter for better engagement with research outcomes - Liam Ryan, DAFWA

Session 12 - Climate Adaption

South-west Western Australia is losing its Mediterranean climate - Dr. David Stephens, AEGIC

Economic analyses of cropping options in the future climates - James Fisher, Desiree Futures

Session 13 - Pests and Disease

Reassessing canola yield loss in aphids - Svetlana Micic, DAFWA

New cereal rust and implications for management - Dr Robert Park, Uni of Sydney

Session 14 - Weeds

Summer weed management for moisture conservation - Peter Newman, Planfarm/AHRI

Session 15 - Farming Systems

What wheat for early and dry sowing in WA? - Brenda Shackley & Darsham Sharma, DAFWA

Why are WA farmers sowing earlier/dry sowing? - Andrew Fletcher, CSIRO

Session 17 - Agronomy

Canola hybrids vs OPs; which one wins and where? - Heping Zhang, CSIRO

Can yield penalties from retaining hybrid TT seed be over come by agronomy in low rainfall areas? - Jackie Bucat, DAFWA

Session 18 - Pests and Diseases

The worlds first Biosecurity Blitz (2015) - lessons learnt about reporting plant pests for the WA grains industry- Rosalie McCauley & Jeff Russell, DAFWA

Stopping the menace - slugs, snails, and resistant red legs! - Svetlana Micic, DFWA

Plenary 3

Swarm Farming - Andrew Bate, SwarmFarm Robotics

Autonomous farm machinery by 2020? - Bret Turpin, Autonomous Solution, Utah, USA