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May - June 2018

Current issue: #134

In this issue:

  • Mungbeans step up as a summer staple
  • Spring-sown chickpeas push southern boundaries
  • Challenges and potential in the south-west's heavy gravel soils
  • Wheat leaf structure a new chance to break yield ceiling
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  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Hands off tomorrow's crop

    Driver-less cropping machinery is coming closer to reality with the first hands-free barley crop recently harvested in the UK

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Access and premiums

    The Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (ABCA) is an industry initiative established to increase public awareness of, and encourage informed debate and decision-making about, gene technology

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Tax planning for 2018

    The ability to manage and minimise annual tax liability is one of the most valuable regular investments you can make with your accountant

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Wholegrain food innovation

    As we move through 2018 and look to the future of grains, we are seeing a shift towards consumer acceptance of carbohydrates and gluten-containing foods in parallel with an increasing focus on the health benefits of wholegrains

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Time for wheat to stand tall

    New research is allowing wheat to join maize and rice as a crop able to gain a yield boost if the plant’s canopy architecture is made more erect

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Recognition for Chris Preston

    When it comes to managing weeds and combating herbicide resistance, Dr Chris Preston is one of the most important and influential resources available to grain growers

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Mixed farming's yield-chase challenge

    Growers in Western Australia’s high-rainfall zones are puzzling over why yields are not higher. Boyup Brook grower and agronomist Ben Creek offers a firsthand insight into the complexities of cropping in a region where rainfall is bountiful –

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Award recognises emerging leader

    Andrew Ware was recognised as one of the Australian grains industry’s most influential young leaders when he received the 2018 Emerging Leader Award for the southern region

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Revised manual for crop pests

    An updated I SPY Manual with the latest information on identifying crop pests and determining the most effective treatment is now available on the GRDC website.

  • From GroundCover issue #134

    Grains Research Updates 2018: Seasonal messages

    Messages delivered at the Bendigo 2018 GRDC Research Update