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March - April 2018

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  • Chickpeas hold their place despite weather and tariffs
  • Light 'trick' to speed delivery of new crop varieties
  • Wheat trial opens new market to Tasmanian growers
  • Promising start for lentils as a new south-east crop option
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  • From GroundCover issue #133

    Collaborative ethos

    John Gladigau says the transition to collaborative farming has meant adopting a “new cultural attitude” that places emphasis on the human relationships that bind together the corporate strands of the Bulla Burra model.

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    Recognising the professional

    A new study suggests extension professionals may need to proceed with caution if their aim is to empower growers about integrated weed management (IWM) and integrated pest management (IPM)

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    Sign up for pest alerts

    With the winter cropping season knocking on the door, Australian grain growers are being reminded of the continued need for pest and disease monitoring once crops are in the ground

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    Australian wheat international benchmarking

    While cost control and yield improvement remain a priority, the message for the grains industry is that the high-value grain price needs to be preserved to maintain competitive profitability, particularly for lower-yielding growers

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    Warning on uncertified seed

    Plant Health Australia cautions growers on sowing uncertified seed which can introduce weeds and crop diseases to a property

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    Rust research makes headlines

    The isolation of gene AvrSr50 will make it possible to monitor changes in stem rust populations and to anticipate likely resistance breakdown

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    First chapter opens for WA lentils

    Scott Wandel is profitably growing lentils bred for south-east conditions in WA’s south-east coast region. The challenScott Wandel is profitably growing lentils bred for south-east conditions in WA’s south-east coast region. The challenge for

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    Business profit drivers unmasked

    A GRDC-funded study looks at the main profit drivers in farms ranking in the top 20 per cent of grains businesses in the southern region

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    New national statistics framework

    GRDC has launched phase three of its SAGI program, comprising four new statistical science nodes to underpin the scientific rigour of hundreds of grains industry research projects.

  • From GroundCover issue #133

    Trials investigate rhizoctonia management

    L andmark agronomist Andrew McMahen is working with SARDI soil biology and diagnostics research leader Dr Alan McKay to investigate an integrated systems approach to Rhizoctonia management.