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  • Chickpea trial beaten by the dry
  • Consistency key to capturing gene-editing opportunities
  • Digging deep to solve the HRZ’s water conundrum
  • New faba beans show promise as HRZ break crop
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  • From GroundCover issue #137

    Nitrogen work hits home

    A survey is showing that work on nitrogen use is helping to spread a simple message – keep on top of soil nitrogen

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    Rhizobial inoculant options

    Best-practice options for rhizobial inoculation can help southern growers lift the supply of fixed soil nitrogen that underpins high-value pulse cropping. Pulses are estimated to fix about 100 kilograms of nitrogen per hectare, worth about $220

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    Canola guide for growers

    A new canola publication guides growers in their agronomy decisions for next season

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    New crop disease detected

    Researchers are closely monitoring cereal crops in Victoria’s Wimmera after the detection of a new virus species in June. The disease, Barley virus G, was first identified in South Korea in 2015. Closely associated with established yellow dwarf

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    Tramlines trap weed seeds

    Darling Downs grower Peter Bach runs a well-stocked weed control toolbox, with strategies for both ends of the season. He has equipped his Claas Lexion 760 header with a Shelbourne stripper front and an EMAR chaff deck for a two-pronged attack on

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    New pulse variety releases

    Five new pulse variety releases – three faba beans, a chickpea and a lentil – address previous disease resistance and yield limitations.

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    Industry gains from grains

    Bread has traditionally provided a range of nutrients as part of the Australian diet. But in the past decade, its carbohydrate and grain content has become the target of negative press.

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    Summer crop research boost

    A multi-agency investment of $1.3 million has been made into new, regionally specific mungbean and sorghum research aimed at improving growers’ productivity.

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    Wheat genome finally cracked

    After 13 years, an international project has unlocked the complete wheat genome.

  • From GroundCover issue #137

    Chaff lining a grazing match

    After six years of narrow windrow burning, WA grower Andrew Kenny went looking for a harvest weed seed control (HWSC) option that better suited his mixed farming enterprise. He has made a seamless transition to chaff lining for more flexibility in