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31 Mar 2017

Current issue: #128

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  • The gene scene
  • Industry snapshot
  • Tools for resilience
  • Blackleg resistance slip
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  • From GroundCover issue #110


    The GRDC has launched a set of crop information modules, the GRDC GrowNotes.

  • From GroundCover issue #111

    GM news

    East-coast grain growers have reported positive experiences growing GM canola and cited effective weed control as the primary reason for including GM varieties in their cropping programs. This was the finding of a survey of more than 1300 growers

  • From GroundCover issue #110

    The Gene Scene: Global expansion in GM crops

    The Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia (ABCA) is a joint initiative of Ausbiotech, CropLife Australia, the GRDC and the National Farmers’ Federation. ABCA has been established to help shape a new era for Australian agriculture by

  • From GroundCover issue #112

    Age-old quandry

    Despite a popular perception that Australian agriculture is facing an ‘age crisis’, a recent study has found that Australia has a younger farming population compared with all but one other developed country – New Zealand.

  • From GroundCover issue #104

    Gene amplification

    The higher the concentration of the enzyme 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase (EPSPS) in a plant, the more it can resist glyphosate. Some plants can duplicate the gene responsible for producing the EPSPS enzyme, meaning they will produce

  • From GroundCover issue #112

    Asia explored

    Ground Cover writer Catherine Norwood has been in South-East Asia interviewing traders and processors about the changing dynamics in this fast-developing grains market.

  • From GroundCover issue #104

    The genetics of brewing better beer

    Genetic analysis shows that malting barley grown under Australian conditions requires a finer balance between malting quality and pre-harvest sprouting tolerance than its Canadian counterparts

  • From GroundCover issue #104

    Cropping intensity link uncovered

    GRDC-supported PhD student Mechelle Owen has built up one of the most comprehensive pictures of the spread of herbicide resistance over the past decade.

  • From GroundCover issue #111

    News in brief

    New food science centre, Pulse and oilseed appointment, Farm optimism, Canopy management, Correction for May/June edition (#110)

  • From GroundCover issue #110

    Consultative eye

    The GRDC’s capacity to increase investment in strategic, longer-term investments in grains research, development and extension was among the issues discussed at the most recent consultative meeting between GRDC management and Grain Producers