Barley trials show bright future

Cereal breeding company InterGrain has partnered with the GRDC and the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) to breed barley varieties that are well adapted to the northern barley growing region. Queensland DAFF is providing pathology and quality evaluation services for InterGrain’s barley breeding activities in the north.

During 2012, InterGrain breeders conducted several trials and evaluated thousands of breeding lines at seven sites across Queensland and northern New South Wales. Queensland DAFF breeders continued evaluating the early generations of germplasm from the breeding program. These lines will be evaluated more widely by InterGrain during 2013 and beyond.

From 2013, InterGrain will undertake a crossing program combining InterGrain’s own barley genetics with that of the former Queensland DAFF program to ensure that future barley varieties remain suitable for production in the northern region.

“Results from 2012 are looking encouraging,” says David Moody, InterGrain barley breeder. “We have identified several lines with significant yield, quality and straw strength improvements compared to the current dominant varieties grown in the region."

The most promising lines will be tested further for disease resistance and malting quality during 2013. Breeding progress updates will be provided to the northern region Barley Advisory Committee on a biannual basis. Growers with an interest in the barley industry are strongly encouraged to attend these open meetings.

More information:

David Moody
08 9419 8019, 0417 051 707

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