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John Cameron, ICAN (left), and Greg Kruger, US
Department of Agriculture, attend the
Coonabarabran, NSW, Research Update.

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Record attendance was recorded at the
2013 Goondiwindi Research Update.

This year’s GRDC Adviser Update in Goondiwindi, Queensland, defied the floods for another year to reach a record number of attendees over the two-day event. Agronomists, consultants, researchers and agribusiness representatives continue to make ‘Goondi’ the premiere annual grains event in the north to keep abreast of latest research and technology, and to network with peers before the start of another winter crop.

International keynote speaker Dr Dale Shaner, from the US Department of Agriculture, highlighted the significant challenges that US growers have created with herbicide-tolerant weeds by overuse of glyphosate – a growing issue in the northern region with the long-term reliance on glyphosate in no-till fallow, and the recent appearance of glyphosate-resistant grass and broadleaf weeds.

Expert researchers from our region, including Dr Steven Simpfendorfer, Steve Walker and Richard Daniel, presented well-received research updates on herbicide alternatives, diseases, nutrition and everything in between.

“Goondiwindi has for a long time been the premiere update event, but now has competition from a revitalised update in the south at Coonabarabran,” says John Cameron of Independent Consultants Australia Network Rural, organisers of the northern region GRDC Updates.

The inaugural Coonabarabran update has received accolades for its relevant agenda, social networking opportunities and (very importantly) catering. “My hope is next year we’ll increase the numbers of agronomists and growers from the central west, Liverpool Plains and Narrabri areas,” Mr Cameron says. “This will also help by slightly reducing numbers at Goondiwindi, which has become so successful that the venue is only just coping to accommodate numbers."

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