GRDC Grains Industry Awards

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The GRDC highly values capacity building in the grains industry and as a result invests in various initiatives such as GRDC travel and training awards. These initiatives aim to promote and support the development of strong industry leaders, world-class agronomists, growers and researchers and a pipeline of the same to meet future needs of the Australian grains industry. The GRDC welcomes applications for the first round of funding for the industry awards listed.

GRDC Travel Awards

The GRDC Travel Awards are available to individuals or groups within the Australian grains industry wishing to attend a conference or undertake travel that aligns with the GRDC’s corporate objectives and demonstrates benefit to the Australian grains industry. Applicants should highlight both the professional development benefit and the mechanism for dissemination of knowledge to industry.
Any Australian grain growers or groups working directly with growers who wish to obtain support for a study tour or any other form of travel or training must submit a GRDC Industry Development Award Application (see below).


Kathleen Allan, program manager capacity building,
Closing date: Wednesday 2 April 2014

GRDC Industry Development Awards

The GRDC Industry Development Awards are specifically targeted at Australian grain growers or groups working directly with growers for study tours, travel or other forms of training approved by the GRDC. The aim is to develop new skills, build relationships and acquire new information that will contribute to building a sustainable and profitable grains industry.


Tom McCue, manager delivery programs,
Round 1 closing date: Wednesday 2 April 2014

Grains Industry Conference Support

The GRDC provides sponsorship assistance to organisations wishing to conduct a conference, workshop, seminar or field day that directly benefits the Australian grains industry. The aim is to develop the skills and capacity required to achieve the objectives of the Australian grains industry and the GRDC. The GRDC places a high priority on the dissemination and communication of knowledge gained from the experience offered by conference sponsorship.


Maressa Carey, communication coordinator,
Round 1 closing date: Wednesday 2 April 2014 



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