Network converges to thrash out research needs

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The GRDC’s western Regional Cropping Solutions Networks met as a combined group for the first time in late February.

PHOTO: Melissa Williams, Cox Inall Communications

About 70 growers, agronomists, farm consultants, Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) staff and bankers from across WA make up the GRDC’s western Regional Cropping Solutions Networks (RCSN).They are the on-the-ground ‘brains trust’ that feeds information into the GRDC’s Western Panel as it identifies and prioritises research, development and extension activities for this region.

For the first time, members of each of the five western RCSN groups met in Perth in late February with GRDC program managers and staff, Western Panel members and representatives from other research organisations.

The aim was for the GRDC to provide feedback about RCSN priorities and get further input from the RCSN members into the GRDC’s key investment areas of: improving crop yield; protecting the crop; and advancing profitable farming systems.

It involved workshop sessions to discuss issues affecting particular port zones within these specific RD&E themes.

The combined RCSN meeting provided a platform for discussing key local issues and establishing key contacts. Its outcomes also fed into a national meeting of the GRDC board, panel members and staff in March to prioritise issues for investment as part of the GRDC’s annual investment cycle.

More information:

Julianne Hill, RCSN coordinator southern zones
0447 261 607

Sally Thomson, RCSN coordinator southern zones
0417 983 356

Cameron Weeks, RCSN coordinator Geraldton zone
0427 006 944

Darren Hughes, regional program manager – west, GRDC
0409 249 420


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