Soil biology symposium

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Grain growers, advisers and researchers are invited to attend a free national symposium in May to learn about the latest soil biology research.

The GRDC’s Soil Biology Initiative (SBI) II symposium in Melbourne on 15 May will examine new knowledge gained from the five-year initiative and how growers can use soil biology to improve farming systems.

SBI II coordinator Associate Professor Pauline Mele says the research program, comprising 17 projects across the northern, southern and western cropping regions, have produced some important new insights.

“This initiative set out to build a baseline of knowledge and we now have a greater understanding of the role of biology in influencing nutrient availability and disease suppression and, ultimately, profitability,” she says.

Associate Professor Mele, from the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries, says researchers have new information that will be of use to growers. The symposium will be the first of several forums for sharing this knowledge. 

To be held at AgriBio in Bundoora, the symposium will demonstrate the role of biology in plant nutrient supply, how suppressive soils function, and how to monitor soil quality with new tools and technologies.