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Advancing the management of crop canopies

This guide covers the link between growth stage and crop physiology and the implications for canopy management and disease control in wheat and barley.

It also discusses the influence of row spacing on canopy management, grazing long-season wheat and how new technologies can be used to manage the crop canopy.
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Weather essentials for pesticide application

This revised 2014 edition aims to help those applying pesticides to understand, observe and interpret local weather elements. This knowledge will aid in the planning and effective execution of spray applications that avoid spray drift.
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Herbicide tolerant canola in farming systems - a guide for growers

Principles for herbicide tolerant canola and best practices and grower case studies for Roundup Ready® canola in south-east Australia
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Applying PA – a reference guide for the modern practitioner

This reference guide identifies and describes a common-sense approach to utilise the available spatially based technology to develop and apply commercially appropriate, management and agronomic decisions.
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Economics of on-farm grain storage

Calculating the costs and benefits of on-farm storage and how to determine a return-on-investment figure that can be compared with other investment choices.
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Ground Cover Supplement: Water use efficiency

Catch more, store more, grow more
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Integrated pest management fact sheet – South, West

Insecticide resistance management and invertebrate pest identification: Approaches to key insect pests of southern and western grains.
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Estimating plant-available water capacity

Revised May 2013

Practical information, methods and tools for the characterisation of plant available water capacity (PAWC) with the aim of ensuring consistency across regions.
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Mouse control

Minimising crop damage by mice: Mouse numbers can build and decline rapidly depending on localised conditions. Constant vigilance and timely monitoring and control are required to minimise crop loss.
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Mouse management

Higher-than-usual mouse populations are being reported across the Western Australian grainbelt. Regular monitoring and stringent control measures are necessary to prevent crop losses.
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Inoculating legumes: A practical guide

This booklet will provide growers with increased knowledge of legumes and their nodulation in farming systems.
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Diamondback moth

Diamondback moth is a sporadic but serious canola challenge. Crop monitoring from July onwards is key to making effective decisions for controlling diamondback moth.
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