K-Obiol returns as a pest control

In the relentless fight to control pests in stored grain, farmers in the eastern states will soon have access to a protectant against which there is very little insect resistance. Bayer has announced that K-Obiol®, containing the pyrethroid deltamethrin that is used by bulk grain handlers, will be available for use in on-farm storage, albeit with sales highly restricted.

Developed and marketed in the late 1990s, K-Obiol® was withdrawn from sale in the early 2000s after fears by the meat industry that the supply chain could potentially be tainted by chemical residues. Residues occur if the grain is sprayed with K-Obiol® more than once post-harvest – as sometimes happened if both the grower and bulk hander applied the chemical. In 2005, it became available only to bulk handlers.

Now, at a time when research from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries indicates increasing resistance by many insect species (and particularly the lesser grain borer) K-Obiol® will become a new option for on-farm storages.

K-Obiol® is not registered for use in oilseeds or pulses. In WA K-Obiol® is not permitted for on-farm use. For use in cereals, K-Obiol® is sprayed onto uninfested grain as it is loaded into the silo, with one litre of diluted solution treating 50t of grain.

To buy K-Obiol®, growers must complete approved user training through AusChem Training (Vic), which will be delivered in any area with a sufficient number of interested growers. Only growers who have completed an AgVet Chemical Users Course will be eligible.

The half-day program will cover correct application methods and rates, risks, recommended out-turn limits, and health and safety. Approved users must then also prove that they have a quality-assurance program in place that complies with any of these standards: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, PAS 220, HACCP,
Graincare or WQA Standard.

An approved user card is then issued to the grower, who must present it when purchasing K-Obiol® from registered outlets – select Landmark and IHD stores Growers are reminded of the importance of following label instructions as a critical safeguard against issues such as grain pests developing insecticide resistance.


More information: Rod McLean, 03 9248 6835,

rod.mclean@bayer.com.au; www.bayeres.com.au/es/MarketSegments/GrainProtectant.asp

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