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More than 40 barley varieties are being trialled for commercial release at National Variety Trial (NVT) sites from northern New South Wales to central Queensland.

GRDC Northern Panel chair James Clark says Australian breeding companies’ commitment to NVT is highlighted by the number of varieties they are entering into the 11 NVT northern region trial sites.

Mr Clark says five companies, including InterGrain, Viterra Seeds, Seednet, Seedmark and Grainsearch, are trialling 19 varieties as part of NVT in Queensland alone.

Image of two men crouching a field of young barley

GRDC Northern Panel members Rob Taylor (left) and
James Clark inspect barley varieties at an NVT site
in the northern grain-growing region.

“Development of barley varieties by this number of companies means the crop is being pushed forward in key traits,” Mr Clark says.

“Trials across the northern grain-growing region are testing 25 commercially released varieties and 17 unreleased lines.”

The released lines being evaluated in the northern GRDC-funded trials are FairviewPBR logo, CommanderPBR logo, GairdnerPBR logo, Granger, Grimmett, GroutPBR logo, HindmarshPBR logo, MackayPBR logo, Oxford, ShepherdPBR logo and WestminsterPBR logo.

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