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Cover of PA in Practice II Using precision agriculture technologies: a guide to getting the best results

PA in Practice II
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Growers keen to learn more about precision agriculture are sure to be interested in PA in Practice II, launched recently at the 15th Precision Ag Symposium of Australasia.

SPAA Precision Agriculture Australia has published the 104-page book with GRDC support as an update to the popular PA in Practice publication released in 2008.

The new book highlights the developments in precision agriculture (PA) during the past four years and aims to support growers in moving ‘beyond guidance’.

The publication is structured to demonstrate how growers can venture down the path of site-specific crop management with variable rate technology and other innovative tools.

It follows the winter cropping cycle and highlights the activities and decisions that PA can support at various points through the season, from harvest to pre-sowing, sowing and in-crop.

Seven technical articles from leading PA specialists address topics such as yield mapping, protein sensing, data management, on-farm trials, inter-row and variable rate sowing, and in-crop optical sensing technology.

The book incorporates 15 case studies on growers from South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, which highlight how PA is helping to maximise returns while controlling input costs.

Many of the early adopters of PA who featured in PA in Practice were revisited for PA in Practice II to demonstrate how they have progressed in their use of PA technology.

Also included in the book are survey results, trial results and comprehensive listings of PA service providers, websites and online resources.

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