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The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has introduced Levies Online to allow levy returns to be electronically lodged. The grains return form for coarse grains, grain legumes, oilseeds and wheat levies is available at www.leviesonline.daff.gov.au/LRSONLINE.


  1. It’s fast. Submitting returns through Levies Online will save time. Enter the value and weight of the grains you are declaring, and Levies Online will calculate how much levy you need to pay. Press ‘submit’ and you’re done.
  2. Accurate. When you use Levies Online, you only need to know your grains values and quantities and Levies Online does the calculation. This will avoid accidental overpayment or the need to later amend returns.
  3. Funds. Levies provide funds for grains research and development. Levies Online minimises the risk of errors and the need to manually process your return form. When DAFF spends less time handling return forms, it charges lower fees to the GRDC, which means more funds for industry research.
  4. Environmental benefit. Submitting your return through Levies Online minimises paper forms, envelopes and stamps.

Sign up in three easy steps:

  1. Go to www.leviesonline.daff.gov.au/LRSONLINE.
  2. Click on ‘Registration’ and follow the prompts – you will need your LRS account number, ABN and email address.
  3. Receive the confirmation email, click on the link and submit your return.

If you have any technical difficulties please contact the Levies Online help desk on 1800 022 384.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is fast, secure and the most cost effective method to process payments.

You can transfer your levy payment to the following bank account:
Bank: Reserve Bank of Australia    BSB: 092009
Account number: 111700   
Account name: AFFA Official Administered Receipts

Reference: Please enter the prefix LRS followed by your LRS account number and your business name (for example, LRS12345 AZ Wholesale)

For more information about grain levies and Levies Online please contact your DAFF Levies regional office:

Adelaide (SA & WA): 1800 814 961       
Brisbane (Queensland & NT): 1800 647 801
Melbourne (Victoria & Tasmania): 1800 683 839   
Sydney (NSW & ACT): 1800 625 103

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