Advanced lupin variety released

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DAFWA’s senior lupin breeder Dr Bevan Buirchell
says a new lupin variety developed with support from
the GRDC and DAFWA is set for release, with seed
available for WA growers to plant in 2014. Trials
indicate the new variety, with metribuzin tolerance,
yields up to 12 per cent more than TanjilPBR logo.

Growers keen to catch a glimpse of a new high-yielding lupin variety need to plan a visit to a farm near Dandaragan, Western Australia, this spring.

Dr Bevan Buirchell, senior lupin breeder with the Department of Agriculture and Food, WA (DAFWA), says the new variety, developed as part of a major and ongoing investment by the GRDC, will be launched and named on 10 September at the West Midlands Group’s spring field day, 20 kilometres west of Dandaragan.

The variety, currently known as WALAN2325, is the latest release from the Pulse Breeding Australia (PBA) national lupin breeding program for southern Australia.

PBA is a joint venture between the GRDC, DAFWA, the University of Adelaide, the South Australian Research and Development Institute, the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI), the New South Wales DPI, the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the University of Sydney and Pulse Australia. It aims to deliver better pulse varieties faster.

Dr Buirchell says trials in WA from 2008 to 2012 show the new lupin yields up to 12 per cent more than TanjilPBR logo. It also has metribuzin tolerance for enhanced broadleaf weed control and resistance to anthracnose similar to TanjilPBR logo.

WALAN2325 is expected to replace TanjilPBR logo in WA, but is broadly adapted to all parts of southern Australia.

Dr Buirchell says there will be enough seed available to allow WA growers to start bulking up the variety in 2014. Growers in eastern Australia may have to wait until 2015 for seed.

More information:

Dr Bevan Buirchell,
0428 957 896,

Anne Wilkins, executive officer, West Midlands Group,
08 9651 4008,

Details on how to locate the lupin field day site at Peter and Daisy Negus’s farm on the Brand Highway are available from West Midlands Group executive officer Anne Wilkins.

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