GRDC on air

The GRDC has introduced a suite of audio programs to keep growers up to date with RD&E, locally and across the country.

GRDC Driving Agronomy radio logo

GRDC Ground Cover radio logo

GRDC Radio (Northern) logo

There are now three program titles in the GRDC audio library:

Ground Cover Radio

– an audio version of the main stories from the current issue of GRDC’s bimonthly Ground Cover magazine.

Driving Agronomy

– weekly interviews covering nationally significant research projects with Australia’s leading grains industry scientists and advisers.

GRDC Radio Updates

– weekly regional audio program that brings research down to the local level and includes local grains news, information and events.

Listen to the programs on the GRDC website or as a podcast downloaded onto a device such as a smartphone or MP3 player.

If you have an iPhone or iPad: