Pamela's Corner Triticale as a food

Dr Kath Cooper in Abacus triticale

Triticale is a nutritious, delicious and versatile food. Feeding tests indicate that triticale is at least as good nutritionally as the other cereal grains of our diet, and the protein quality and quantity of the best triticale may be superior to wheat.

Triticale may be ground into a refined white flour, but its real value in nutrition is found in whole grainproducts. The whole-grain flour (or meal) may be incorporated into a whole range of breads, biscuits, cakes and main dishes.

Triticale home-cookery does not require any special skills or new techniques, and for most recipes either 100 per cent triticale or a mixture of triticale and wheat may be used as desired. For yeast cookery, due to the lower gluten quantity of most triticales compared to wheat, a mixture with wheat flour is recommended for the best loaf volume and structure.

Triticale has a distinctive nutty, aromatic and naturally sweet flavour which makes it particularly attractive to those health-conscious people wishing to reduce their intake of highly processed, sugared and salted foods. Also the high fibre content of the whole meal provides a very pleasant way of ensuring adequate fibre in the diet. (From The Australian Triticale Cookery Book, p9)

Notes on the availability of triticale products

Lowan Whole Foods' stone ground triticale flour, triticale flakes and triticale macaroni are available through health food stores and supermarkets.

Golden Grain stoneground wholemeal triticale flour available through health food stores and supermarkets. Bulk supplies available from Ron Hunter, Hunter Grain, PO Box 155, Narembeen, WA 6369.