Suitable mustard varieties

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Dr Rex Oram: mustard trials underway.

Work at Agriculture Victoria and at CSIRO Plant Industry on brassica improvement has produced socalled double-low mustard lines, now ready for field testing. The tests will show whether they produce the required low glucosinolate seed in the Riverina, Mallee and eastern Western Australian wheatbelt, where growers are keen to plant this low-rainfall oilseed crop.

Low levels of glucosinolate in the meal are essential so it can be used as a high-protein pig and poultry feed. 'Double-low' stands for low erucic acid oil and low glucosinolate meal. The trials should also allow selection for cultivars with the best agronomic qualities: high yield, high oil content, disease resistance, non-lodging and non-shattering.

Subprogram 2.11.25 Contact: Dr Rex Oram 06 246 5082

Above: Dr Rex Oram: mustard trials underway.

mustard trials underway