Bronwyn Hunt, Merriwa Pastoral Company, Normanville, Vic/ 1,448 hectares wheat, barley, canola and pulses: more information on the agronomy of faba beans in a dryland situation; research on oilseeds to fit in rotation, suitable for 375 mm rainfall area.

David and Karen White, Wickepin, Western Australia/ 1,220 hectares wheat, lupin and oat cropping and grazing merino sheep: breeding of a frost-resistant wheat variety; a standing legume crop (like faba beans) in clay soils for a low rainfall area; development of an accurate and affordable Global Positioning System that is able to map crop yields, weed burden and chemical applications, etc.

Graham Peterson, Hopevale Farming Company, Kingaroy, Qld/ 1,094 hectares peanuts, maize and sorghum: continued funding of a breeding program for peanuts, looking for varieties to suit different soil types; research into Sclerotinia , which is emerging as the major concern for peanut growers in the Burnett, and the ongoing disease CBR (cylindrocladium black rot) about which "we don't have a clue".

Noel Rockliff, 'Windermere', Lake Broadwater, Qld/ 800 hectares sorghum: research into the control of urachloa (liverseed grass), which is becoming our biggest pest of summer crops; also something that will do a good job on Queensland weeds.

Greg Bazley, 'Clarendon', Dalby, Qld/ 240 hectares sorghum, wheat, canary: more research into: rainfall and climate; higher yielding, high-protein wheats; mice, which are eating us out of house and home; Heliothis .

Neil Walter 'Waverley', Goroke, Vic/ 700 hectares wheat, Linola, lupins, oats and safflower: we've still got a lot to learn about the soil and what goes on; but overall, good resources now available to farmers.

Region National, North, South, West