Seeders put to test in on-farm trial

Image of Aaron Vague

Southern Farming Systems research and extension officer Aaron Vague examines a Seed Hawk SH810-30 seeding machine at the inaugural SFS seeder demonstration day.

PHOTOS: Brad Wilson

Image of a demonstration day

Growers and seeding machinery gathered at the seeder demonstration day near Geelong.

Image of grower Dave Stephens

Grower and contractor Dave Stephens inspects a Simplicity 12000 airseeder at the demonstration day.

More than 200 grain growers gathered on the Hamilton family’s property at Inverleigh in south-west Victoria mid-year to examine the performance of different seeding machinery and set-ups.

Showcasing 14 seeding rigs, the Southern Farming Systems (SFS) seeder demonstration day saw each machine sow barley into canola stubble in strip trials that are being evaluated through the growing season.

SFS projects coordinator Paul Breust says the seeder demonstration day is part of GRDC-funded research looking into sustaining the profitability of retained-stubble systems.

“Sowing strips over the full length of the paddock will allow us to harvest and collect yield data on each of the seeders,” Mr Breust says.

“We are measuring establishment, seed depth, early dry-matter production, head counts and final yields.”

Mr Breust says the demonstration day provides an opportunity for growers to compare and assess the suitability of each machine for specific on-farm practices in individual farming systems.

Tyne and disc machines put to the test include models from Amazone, Baker Cross Slot, Boss Agriculture, Equalizer, Flexicoil, Horwood Bagshaw, Great Plains, John Deere, Seed Hawk, Serafin and Vaderstad Rapid.  

Image of grower David Langley

Winchelsea grower David Langley with a Boss Agriculture Parallelogram seeder custom-built to suit his three-metre raised bed farming system in Victoria’s high-rainfall zone.

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