Canola GrowNote informs industry best practice

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GRDC Western Panel chair Peter Roberts launches the WA-specific Canola GrowNote in the new Business and Technology Hub at the Mingenew Lions Midwest Expo.

PHOTO: Natalie Lee

The release of the GRDC’s Canola GrowerNotes for western growers is expected to help maximise the profitability of the Western Australian oilseed crop, worth about $1 billion a year.

Launching this online resource at the Mingenew Lions Midwest Expo, GRDC Western Panel chair Peter Roberts said the GrowNotes provide a one-stop shop for growers seeking information on this important WA break crop.

Mr Roberts said useful features of the GrowNotes include its accessible flipbook format and a “frequently asked questions” section that focuses on key issues in canola cropping and provides links to resources.

Helping test the Canola GrowNotes, Farm and General agronomist Greg Warren said the publication contains up-to-date information on sclerotinia, crop-topping with glyphosate, harvesting options for weed-seed collection, and varieties.

It includes the latest research findings for hybrid canola varieties, seeding rates and the optimum timing for seeding and nitrogen applications, plus it covers a range of topics from planning and pre-seeding to storage and marketing.

The Canola GrowNotes further enables growers to pinpoint information through a keyword search; its content is divided into each stage of the canola cropping cycle and it provides hundreds of hypertext links to further reading on specific issues.

Mr Warren said another benefit of the GrowNotes is that it helps promote best practice in the grains industry, complementing the existing specialist advisory services of WA agronomists and consultants.

The launch of the Canola GrowNotes follows the GRDC’s release of a WA-specific Wheat GrowNotes earlier this year, which has since been updated to improve both the readability and accessibility of information.

Other recent additions to the Wheat GrowNotes are more than 100 extra hypertext links and new information covering crown rot, rhizoctonia and root lesion nematodes.

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