GIWA Barley Standards Review

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Image of Steve Tilbrook

Steve Tilbrook, chair of the Grain Industry Association of Western Australia Barley Council.

The Grain Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) has convened the GIWA Barley Standards Review Committee to review barley standards in WA.

The purpose of the review is to help ensure that grain receival standards applied to WA’s barley crop are fit for purpose.

The review committee is chaired by Lake King grower Steve Tilbrook and comprises members of the GIWA Barley Council and four external specialists.

Mr Tilbrook says the aim is to help ensure receival standards match market demand.

GIWA is responsible for setting the grain standards in WA and plays an important role in the industry’s self-regulation of grain standards, which aim to continue to lift the value of the barley industry.

“Any changes to receival standards are designed to result in a net positive gain to growers,” Mr Tilbrook says.

GIWA will use the feedback received to prepare a response for industry, shared with Grain Trade Australia, by the end of February 2016. Any changes affecting planting decisions will be implemented in the 2017-18 harvest.

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