Moister grain accepted

New technology boosts receival limits

A breakthrough in storage technology, funded by growers through the GRDC, allowed grain sorghum to be delivered at selected sites in Queensland at moistures up to 15.5 per cent. Many growers were able to deliver high moisture grain up to 2 per cent over the receival standards without having to arrange drying.

GRAINCO reports successfully trialing the Programmable Microprocessor Control and Monitoring (PMCAM) system at a number of locations on the Darling Downs. Trials are still underway. The system was developed by the CSIRO Division of Entomology Stored Grain Research Laboratory.

PMCAM automatically controls and monitors stored grain aeration, taking much of the guesswork out of the storage operation. The goal is improved efficiency of cooling systems with capability for some on-floor drying. GRAINCO says the system balances the risk associated with storing grain at a higher moisture content than the receival limit, with total energy consumption.

Two unusual circumstances prompted the GRAINCO trials. These were a very late sorghum harvest due to late summer rains. The crop under those circumstances has less opportunity to dry out in the field. GRAINCO also steam-treated imported maize and had to store the denatured, high-moisture product up-country.

Further monitoring will determine the degree of drying which can be achieved by the use of PMCAM in conjunction with refrigerated and ambient air aeration.

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