Smart silo inventor takes prize

1994 Australian National Field Days Winner & Winner of the Farm Safety Award.

NSW graingrower Patrick O'Brien scooped up The Land newspaper 1994 Farm Inventor of the Year award and a State Bank Farm Safety Award for the Truegrain Probe (advertised above).

The probe is designed to make silos safer during fumigation and to allow farmers to precision-test on-farm for potential contaminants.

Mr O'Brien says he was inspired to develop his invention because deregulation of the grains market means growers have to become quality marketers. "Silos store grain but it's the grower's management that maintains quality," he said.

The probe is designed to be a permanent interior silo fixture, capable of opening and closing the lid airtight and retrieving grain samples without breaking the seal. Mr O'Brien said the probe takes a core sample through the full length of a silo at 30 cm intervals within 30 seconds or less.

The inventor, of 'Blink Bonnie' near Forbes, said the Truegrain system was designed to minimise the need to climb, open and enter silos, and it also reduced the need for ladders, rails and frames on silos.

With an internal pipe system, the probe also works for fumigation, allowing the farmer to attach a gas cylinder at ground level for the required dose to enter.

"The Truegrain probe will make your silo smarter," promises Mr O'Brien. "If you leave off the ladders, your smart silo will cost you about the same as a dumb silo (so-named because it can't give you any information)".

Contact: Mr Patrick O'Brien (068) 55 2266

New Australian Invention TRUEGRAIN Probe

Silos Made Smart

  • Permanent core sampling and monitoring of silos.
  • The investment can show a return in the first year of use.
  • Links sellers to buyers to freighters.
  • Parcels of grain are matched to buyers orders by electronically listing grains sell price, quality, quantity and location while the grain is safely stored on farm.


Complete the attached coupon, then post it to the address shown and you'll be entered in a draw for a free TRUEGRAIN probe, as well as receiving a brochure in the mail. The winner will be published in the first issue of Ground Cover for 1996.





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