GrowNotes for southern region

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The GRDC has released three new winter cropping GrowNotes for the southern region.

GrowNotes incorporate the latest research findings and management advice for growers and advisers. The new suite on wheat and canola was launched at the GRDC Grains Research Update in Adelaide in February and a barley GrowNote was released at the Updates in Bendigo, Victoria.

GrowNotes can be found on the GRDC website (

GRDC Southern Panel chair Keith Pengilley describes GrowNotes as “living documents” because they are updated as research results come in.

“The biggest thing I see with GrowNotes is that they give every grower the ability to look at the latest research that is coming out and use it to help make the best management decisions they can,” he says.

Mr Pengilley says GrowNotes include a comprehensive list of information links.

“Because they are regularly being updated we can go back and refer to them any time throughout the year when there is an issue in the paddock or we are planting.”

Topics covered in the new GrowNotes include the latest findings on frost management developed through the GRDC’s National Frost Initiative.


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