Wimmera town stands tall

Image of silos featuring artist's painting

Brisbane artist Guidon van Helten's work on silos at Brim, in Victoria's Wimmera.

PHOTO: Brad Collis

Art and farming are on the rise in the tiny town of Brim, in Victoria’s Wimmera, where the local grain silos have been turned into a global social media sensation by Brisbane artist Guido van Helten.

The 30-metre-tall artwork, completed in January, has captured attention of people around the world as a celebration of community, farming and public art.

The artwork by the side of the Henty Highway, 360 kilometres north of Melbourne, is an inspiring example of how a town all but forgotten in the history of disappearing rural communities has stood up to remind the world of its presence and its farming pride.

It also raises wonderful possibilities for scores of grain-growing communities that have their own giant concrete canvases just waiting to be transformed into visual monuments to local histories and people. This photo by 'Ground Cover' editor Brad Collis was taken just after dawn, the early light backlighting the silos and the surrounding landscape.

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