NVT know how for winter 2016

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Growers across New South Wales and Queensland making variety-selection decisions for the 2016 winter cropping season can use recently released northern National Variety Trials (NVT) data on varieties and disease ratings to aid their decision-making.

NVT is a national GRDC-funded program that conducts comparative crop variety testing using standardised methods for trial management and data generation, collection and dissemination.

NVT general manager Neale Sutton says all of the 2015 individual trial results have been uploaded to the NVT website and the long-term yield reports, which take into account five to seven years of data, are also available.

“NVT generates independent information for growers about the performance of newly released varieties of winter field crops, relative to current commercial varieties grown in individual areas,” Mr Sutton says.

Several NVT apps have also been released. The NVT Long Term Yield Reports app, which is available from Apple and Android app stores, or can be downloaded to your desktop, provides production value data for every variety in every trial.

“It is an extremely effective tool for growers and advisers to interrogate the yield performance and stability of individual crop varieties in the lead-up to the winter cropping season.”

Mr Sutton says users can view variety performance data across a range of yield groupings based on state, region or locality selections relevant to them.

“Users can also configure dynamic groups that combine data from multiple sites, including that from across state or region borders, which they haven’t been able to do before,” he says.

“The other recently released app, the Crop Disease Au app, offers instantaneous access to current state-specific disease-resistance ratings, disease information and an extensive disease image library.”

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