Grains conference growers’ day

The Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) GRDC Growers’ Day on Monday 25 July will provide growers with the opportunity to access global and local experts on issues that affect productivity, profitability, risk management and business performance. The event at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne will also offer a chance to network with members of the grains trade who will be attending AGIC from 25 to 27 July. Growers’ Day topics and speakers will include:

  • Crop outlook – David Jackson, LMC International (UK) head of oilseeds research, and Nathan Cattle, NZX Australia general manager;
  • Beyond the farmgate – Andrew Weidemann, Grain Producers Australia chair, Pete Longhurst, Farm Gate Exports CEO, and Andrew Trotter, Latevo CEO;
  • Connecting growers to the world – Lalla Mackenzie, NBN co-senior national stakeholder relations manager, and Neil Johns, GrainCorp Ltd group general manager storage and logistics;
  • Innovation delivering value for growers – Dr Steve Jefferies, GRDC managing director, and Dr Michael Robertson, CSIRO agriculture science director; and
  • Trade and market access – Geoff Honey, Grain Trade Australia CEO, Tony Russell, Grains Industry Market Access Forum executive manager, Cheryl Kalisch Gordon, GrainGrowers trade and market access manager, and John Stuart, Barley Australia director.

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