Spring a hive of GRDC activity

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Members of RCSN

At the Northam Open RCSN meeting of the GRDC’s Kwinana West Regional Cropping Solutions Network group are (back row, from left) RCSN members Bill Moore, Graeme McConnell, GRDC Western Regional Grower Services manager Roger States, RCSN member David Sermon, (front row, from left) GRDC Western Panel member Jules Alvaro, RCSN member Ty Fulwood, RCSN western coordinator Julianne Hill and GRDC Western Panel chair Peter Roberts.

Spring has been a busy period of grower engagement for the GRDC’s Western Panel, staff and Regional Cropping Solutions Network (RCSN) groups.

Western Panel members, comprising Western Australian growers and grains industry representatives, hit the road in September to tour farms and trial sites and meet with growers in the northern, central and southern grainbelt, along with members of the GRDC board, management and staff.

Western Panel chair Peter Roberts says the tours are part of the panel’s ongoing consultation with WA growers and advisers that helps to shape the GRDC’s research, development and extension (RD&E) investment portfolio at a regional and national level.

“We recognise that things never stand still and we aim to be pre-emptive, ensuring that GRDC RD&E activities deliver on the expectations of growers and anticipate emerging issues,” he says.

The panel’s WA spring tours closely followed a series of RCSN open meetings and group meetings in the state’s five port zones.

These meetings were an opportunity for WA grain growers to give feedback to the GRDC about key R&D issues affecting their bottom lines and production pressures.

Several hundred growers attended the open meetings. The top-priority issues raised across the zones included:

  • water-repellent soils;
  • seasonal variability;
  • profitable crop sequences and fallow;
  • frost risk management;
  • time of sowing/early sowing, especially for barley;
  • herbicide resistance/weed control;
  • soil constraints;
  • farm business management; and
  • crop nutrition.

A full summary of the key issues raised in each port zone and the resulting actions from the RCSN group is available on the RCSN website.

More information:

Julianne Hill, RCSN coordinator,
0447 261 607,


Roger States, GRDC western region grower services manager,
0427 565 780,


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