The long and short of beating Rhizoctonia and take all

Stubble retention over time appears to be the key to 'natural' microbial control of Rhizoctonia as reported in Issue 10 of Ground Cover. Now, the same research team is reporting similar long-term positive effects for the control of take-all, a root disease which causes annual crop damage in southern Australia estimated at $80 million.

"We still don't have all the answers," says project leader David Roget from the CSIRO Division of Soils. "But I am advising that the big effects on disease come not from tillage, not from rotations, but from full stubble retention in the long term."

The take-all findings are another major breakthrough for broadacre cropping. The story this page gives the details. We also report on two other research projects which can assist growers to deal with Rhizoctonia and take-all, in the shorter term.