Farmline: Harvesting queries

Which harvester?

The bumper wheat crop has prompted growers to seek FarmLine's advice on a range of business issues — from how much to charge a neighbour for contract harvesting, to the cheapest way of transporting grain during harvest. FarmLine is a free farmer information service developed by the Kondinin group and sponsored by growers through the GRDC.

Contract harvesting

Kondinin Group information services manager Gary McKenzie said contract harvesting rates varied from about $80 to $300 per hour, depending on the size and age of the machinery and the time taken.

On transport charges, Mr McKenzie said it could be cheaper in some cases to buy a truck to deliver grain than to use contractors.

"We can make the decision easier by calculating cost comparisons for individual situations," he said.

Contact: FarmLine on freecall 1800 677 761. Contact: Mr Gary McKenzie 09 478 3343