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Temora Faba Bean TOPCROP group members discuss marketing issues at John Harris' crop, Pucawan.

Best management practices developed by Temora Faba Bean TOPCROP Group

SOWING DATE: Optimum sowing date mid-April to early (first week) May.

SOIL: Soil pH above 5.0.

CHECK: P (phosphorus) rates are adequate.

INOCULATE: Slurry-inoculate day before sowing and allow seed to dry. or use alternative method of inoculation.

RATE: Sowing rate 100 kg/ha.

COUNTS: Aim for plant counts of 25-30 plants/m2.

WEEDS: Pre-emergent weed control preferable for both grasses and broadleaf weeds; avoid wheel-track damage which increases risk of disease; avoid paddocks with heavy broadleaf burdens.

MONITOR success of establishment with plant counts.

MONITOR crop growth and vigour. Observe leaf symptoms for health. Consider test strips of zinc sulphate.

MONITOR for disease throughout the season.

Watch hot spots — are they spreading? Are conditions favourable for disease build-up?

MONITOR for insect pests during flowering.

Aphids on flowers, Heliothis on pods.

MONITOR pod counts at end of season. Estimate yield potential. Pods/m2 = pods/plant X plants/m2.

ROTATE: after the first season, plant as far away from first paddock as possible — rotation and stubble disposal are critical for disease control.