Narrow leaf disease resistant lupin

A new lupin variety will carry the hopes of many Western Australian growers into this year's growing season.

The lupin is Myallie, released at the Agriculture Western Australia Field Day at Merredin in September last year.

Seed growers reported promising results from their first crop. Myallie is now available from 36 registered growers in the state.

Myallie is an early-flowering, disease-resistant variety which outperformed existing varieties such as Gungurru, Yorrel and Danja in low rainfall areas.

It is the first narrow-leaved lupin variety with moderate levels of resistance to brown spot. It showed similar resistance to phomopsis to Gungurru, reducing the threat of lupinosis in sheep from grazing lupin stubbles.

It is also similar to Gungurru and Merritt with respect to seed transmission of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV). However, the variety was more susceptible to aphids, which could increase the spread of CMV.

In trials, Myallie produced higher crop yields in low to medium rainfall regions such as the northern and central wheatbelt. Departmental breeders found that Myallie's yield would be favoured by short growing seasons, as in 1994, and its greater harvest height had proved an added advantage in harvest efficiency.

WA Agriculture breeders have another new variety, as yet unnamed, ready to go out to seed growers this year.

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