Stop Press: Barley

The barley industry has gained a Barley Quality Objectives Group which will be drawing on expertise in all sectors to formulate a coordinated breeding and marketing strategy.

The work of the group, which involves representatives from brewing, malting, grower, export research and handling and storage sectors, is supported by growers through the GRDC.

Chairman Robert Sewell, who is also Chairman of the Grain Pool of WA, said the group hopes to give guidance to researchers about the characteristics they should breed for over the next 15years.

"The group will ensure we have new and improved products, processes and services in place to get the Australian barley industry back to the top of the world market," said Mr Sewell.

GRDC Barley Processing Team Member Robert Henry said increasing market specialisation, "such as the explosion in the popularity of cold filtered 'ice' beers," poses a major challenge to the Australian barley industry.

The GRDC's Barley Program consultant, Deirdre Davis said the project will: monitor and identify consumption and quality trends; integrate the existing knowledge base; identify the strengths and weaknesses in regard to quality of regional varieties, barley receival, segregation, storage, handling and transport; identify market opportunities for specific regions; and, work with researchers on quality specifications and research priorities.

Subprogram 1.3.01 Contact: Dr Robert Henry 066 203 719