Winter crop guide now available

Dick Gammie

The Winter Crop Variety Sowing Guide 1996 is now out and contains detailed information on wheat, barley, oats, triticale, cereal rye, Canola, chickpea, faba beans, field peas and lupins.

The 76-page-guide, is produced by NSW Agriculture and is supported by growers through the GRDC. NSW Agriculture Cereals Program Leader Dick Gammie (below) said the guide will help growers with up-to-date information and schedules for, among other things, "crop management, variety selection, crop disease and insect pest control". The publication also offers important industry information on the new wheat silo groups, environmental aspects of sustainable winter crop production, human health aspects, fertiliser, herbicide and pesticide recommendations.

Copies are available, free of charge, from local NSW Agriculture offices in the NSW grain belt.

Contact: Mr Dick Gammie 063 913 144 or Mr Col Begg 067 429 272