Wish List

Nino Messina of 'Spring Park', Mullewa, WA/ 8,000 hectares of wheat, lupins, chickpeas and recently Canola: better short-season wheat varieties for very low rainfall areas.

Rory and Chris Graham, 'Salmon Gums', WA/ 8,200 hectares of wheat, barley, pulses and sheep: Would like to see more complete analysis of grain quality comparing grains of similar protein grown in different areas. Would also like to see more research on soil biology in high alkaline mallee soils.

Maurie Polzin, 'Whyalla', Chinchilla, Qld/ 1,600 hectares of sorghum, wheat, barley and chickpea in conjunction with beef cattle: more research on soil structure. "I have puggy-type country with a variation of soils — some belah knobs and some a bit boxy. I would like the answers to improving it."

John Stevenson, 'Woodside', Hopeland, Qld/ 520 hectares of wheat, barley, sorghum and mungbeans: "My problem is that my soil has a denser structure than other Darling Downs soils, such as around Warra. It is very dense below about a metre, and there is a real problem in getting both moisture and plants' roots down into it."