More to choose from

On the new variety front, Steve Jefferies of the SA Research and Development Institute believes he has good news for graingrowers.

  • A new wheat from the Waite breeding progra which was related to Aroona with very early maturity, good rust and Septoria resistance was likely to be commercially available for sowing this year. So also were the new biscuit wheats, Bowie, from the Roseworthy program, and Buckley, from the Waite program.
  • A high-yielding, CCN-resistant, moderately scald-resistant replacement for Galleon barley was likely to be grown by commercial seedgrowers in 1996. As well growers may have access to Mundah, a new feed variety from WA with very high yield potential in low rainfall areas. It is susceptible to CCN and barley leaf scald.