Bevy is a beauty

Bevy is the name of a new rye variety which is yielding nearly half as much again as current varieties. And it is available for sowing this season.

Former Adelaide University Research Officer Geoff Dean developed the variety. In GRDC-supported trials in SA and Victoria Bevy out-produced the current highest-yielding line by an average 40 per cent.

Adelaide Research Fellow Kath Cooper expects Bevy to end the record long innings of the current staple variety SA Commercial Rye. It flowers two weeks later, is resistant to cereal cyst nematode and is a poor host to the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus neglectus. It tillers well, is ideal for "holding" light sand, and is tolerant of acid soil and soil with trace element deficiencies.

Dr Cooper said farmers could buy Bevy seed through the Cereal Rye Growers Association. Enquiries should be directed to Mr Bill Graham, Murrayville 050 952 185 or Mr Jeff Henschke, Paruna 085 873 030.

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