Precision Farming: Buyers Guide

The success of precision farming depends on a farmer's willingness to investigate all the factors affecting crops. This includes the use of new technology and existing monitoring packages.

In Issue 16 we brought you a general report on precision farming — Future farming may be here...

On these pages you'll find the accompanying buyer's guide.

(Precision farming is also known as 'site specific technology'.)

This special report brought to you by the Kondinin Group with support from growers through the GRDC.

precision FARMING

Precision farming could be carried out by using some of the following:

  • A crop and soil monitoring system.
  • Airborne and satellite imagery.
  • A yield monitor.
  • A differential global positioning system.
  • A data logging and storage device.
  • Machine guidance technology.
  • A computer.
  • Farm and yield mapping software.

Costs of setting up a yield monitoring system

Costs of setting up a yield monitoring system
yield monitor$4,500-$6,500
DGPS (One year's hire) and PC card reader$4,000-$5,000
Farm and yield mapping software$1,000-$3,500
Total cost$11,500-$18,000