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Need to know more about pastures, about the weather, about marketing options, or about herbicide data? Find these and many more subjects via the factsheets on the CD-ROM Prime Notes (version 3).

The departments of primary industries across three states (Queensland, Victoria and SA) have teamed up to produce a valuable package of over 850 factsheets, including Farm Notes, Pest Facts, and Agsheets.

Prime Notes on CD-ROM gives you many advantages:

  • rapid retrieval of information;
  • keyword searching;
  • searching in full text index;
  • 1
  • descriptive graphics;
  • convenience and ease of use (equivalent to about 2,500 pages of print); and
  • regular updates.

If you don't have a CD-ROM drive at home, perhaps your local extension officers and local library can get hold of one. Cost; $60. Ring 1 800 816541 to order your copy.


Queensland Department of Primary Industries has set up a home page on the World Wide Web on the Internet and have made their factsheets available full-text and free of charge. For Internet surfers the address is

Finally, the departments of primary industries in all states continue to produce their factsheets in print version, which can be purchased singly and via subscription.

There's FarmFax for northern growers

DPI FarmFax is available throughout Queensland and is an accessible information link for the cost of a phone call. A mail option is available for people with no fax.

Information is continually updated, including 'Root Lesion Nematodes — Item 010' and 'Roger Stone's Climate Update — Item 061', which available every Friday afternoon, as well as 'What's On — Item 021', which is a list of coming events, workshops, etc.

Simply call the FarmFax number 07 3222 2996 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and follow the voice instructions.

For a current 'index' list of everything on FarmFax, dial the FarmFax number and enter '999' at the appropriate prompt.

Contact: Ms Gail Nemeth, Toowoomba DPI Client Service Centre, PO Box 102 (203 Tot-Street); telephone 076 881 450, fax 076 881 416.

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